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Powertech Solar Energy Co Limited RC -914242 --We deliver the right solutions to solve every power challenges.Our innovative designs provide long lasting and effective solution to power problems in Africa.Our experience in the field of photovoltaic technology and committed workers is our greatest assets. offering a complete range of energy efficient solutions and applications . Powertech solar energy co.Limited is a high tech company that specialized in design ,installation ,contract manufacturing and marketing of high quality green energy products .and power systems.we deal with products that have obtained international certifications like TUV,IEC,MSC,SON ,CAP AND ISO. Powertech solar energy company is rapidly developed into a leading technology developer and designer for solar ,power back-ups & LED solutions ,devoted to providing solar energy solutions and environmental protection .Our service include planning, designing,and installation of solar systems, technical consultations for Solar- related power generation systems ;and the sales of PV panels and solar system components .Powertech solar energy provides total solution services of roof type and solar tracking systems .. Powertech solar energy co.limited has the machinery and manpower to operate in any part of Nigeria and West Africa. Powertech solar energy co limited is also known in the following activities and business.. 1.Solar Electrification of Rural communities. 2.Solar Water Projects involving Bore hole drilling,Water storage and distribution. 3.Provision of Solar Power for health centers,Clinics,Hospital and schools 4.Procurement and supply of solar energy related equipment's and system. 5.Maintenance of Electrical/Electronics installations and centers. 6.Power Consultant / Managers. 7.Training



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Lilian Ibeh

Director Of Training

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Technical Director

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Director Finance